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Student in action

Design Your Future With RIDGID & The Faculty Of Installations In Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The training and education of the young generations represent the most valuable investments we could do for the future.
SR20 and SR24

Buried Service Locating Done Easy With RIDGID

As a provider of some of the world’s most cost-effective and efficient equipment to the utility industry, RIDGID offers buried service location equipment that does just this job.
2022 Apprenticeship Week

2022 National Apprenticeship Week

The National Apprenticeship Week got to the 15th edition this year. The week-long celebration of apprentices from all over England takes place from 7th to 13th of February 2022.
New Products Of 2021

2021 Product Innovations: Year-In-Review

2021 was a great year for new products. We managed to bring to the market innovative tools, but also new features and benefits that make our customers’ jobs and lives easier.
Training In Trades

The Importance Of Training In Supporting The Trades

The COVID crisis has been affecting people and organizations in many ways, but one clear negative effect was that it limited face to face communication and direct contact.
PC116 Cutter in Italy

Increased Productivity In Italy With RIDGID PC116 Tubing Cutter

When operating in trades, which should be the first thing considered when trying to work smarter? The choice of tools, of course.
RP 350 & RP 351 Press Tools

The Future Of Pressing Is Here With The RIDGID RP 350 & RP 351 Press Tools

The latest additions to the RIDGID pressing family are the RP 350 and RP 351 Press Tools, the world’s first press tools with no service interval.
Pressing Tools

RIDGID StrutSlayR – The New Standard In Cutting Strut Channels

Strut channels are used in a wide variety of applications like Plumbing, HVAC, Fire Protection, Electrical and Solar for structural support of pipes, ventilation/air-conditioning/sprinkler systems as well as cable trays and solar panels. Before installing, each strut channel needs to be cut and deburred.

RIDGID PC116 Powered Tubing Cutter In Italy: On The Spot. Cut. Go.

When being a professional plumber, you need tools you can always rely on. Day or night, the van should always be ready for the next job because when duty calls, you must quickly put on the Mario suit and come to the rescue of the ones in need.

How to Choose the Right Pipe Inspection System?

We are excited to talk about the RIDGID options we have in our portfolio and share with you our experience on the topic of choosing the right equipment for the job.

A trip down the drain - a guide to the top 5 sewer tours in Europe

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown have affected not only our work and social lives, but also our vacation plans for 2020 or for this summer.
RIDGID RP 219 Press Tool

RP 219: The 19 kN Press Tool Needed In Every Plumber’s Toolbox

RP 219: The 19 kN Press Tool features a service interval of 32.000 cycles without any time limit, offering the user a lower cost of ownership during its lifetime.

RP 350 & 351 Tour Going Global - the newest additions to the RIDIGD Press Tools family

We are enthusiastic to be introducing the RIDGID RP 350 and 351 Press Tools, the newest additions to the RIDIGD Press Tools family.
RIDGID FlexShaft Machine

The RIDGID FlexShaft Effect

Regardless of the setting, whether it’s a home, a restaurant or a business premise, one thing is known for sure: every drainage system needs occasional maintenance. For that, you want a quick, but an efficient solution that leaves the pipes clean and free-flowing as if they were new.
RIDGID FlexShaft Machine

A FlexShaft Tour Around Europe

Praise to all the sewer maintenance tradespeople out there! No matter the hour, day, season, or weather conditions, they are always ready to grab their drain cleaning equipment, jump into the van and offer that 24/7 service so much needed.
Old men using RIDGID Tools

The RIDGID Story: Born In 1923, A Tool For A Lifetime

The RIDGID story begins in 1923. We started with something big in mind and, at the same time, something heavy duty in our hands: the RIDGID Wrench.
RIDGID UK Apprenticeship week

2021 UK Apprenticeship Week

3 hard-working plumbing apprentices shared with us their apprenticeship experience: it is intense and challenging, but extremely rewarding. Interested in their stories? Put your glasses on, grab yourself a coffee and let’s dive into the Plumbing "Apprenticeverse”.
Consider the Environment

Consider The Environment.: Go For A Mechanical Drain Unblocking Tool

Your sink doesn’t flow as good as it did before? A period of longer inactivity caused blockages to dry-up and form a barrier in your drains? Drainage blockages occur due to all sorts of reasons.
Facade of a building

40 Years Of Successful Partnership ROM BV - RIDGID

If you ever visit Barneveld, in the centre of the Netherlands, you will notice there is something special about this town.
RIDGID FlexShaft Machine

Blocked Drains Beware! Here Come The RIDGID FlexShaft Machines To The Rescue!💪

It’s been almost 2 years since a RIDGID® FlexShaft® machine first entered a drain, made its way to the blockage and successfully cleared it.
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