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40 Years of Success Built on a Long-Term Partnership ROM BV - RIDGID

If you ever visit Barneveld, in the centre of the Netherlands, you will notice there is something special about this town.

Blocked Drains Beware! Here Comes FlexShaft® To The Rescue!💪

It’s been almost 2 years since a RIDGID® FlexShaft® machine first entered a drain, made its way to the blockage and successfully cleared it.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Not all heroes wear capes, most of the time they go undercover. Luckily, some things help us reveal their identity: a stethoscope, a safety helmet, ice water on a hot summer day, a plunger when things get messy and the list continues.

Celebration time with @nample

If you are in trades, but you haven’t heard of @nample yet, here’s an advice: go on Instagram and follow him immediately. He is not only an inspiring tools influencer but also a very hard-working person.

Consider The Environment. Go For A Mechanical Drain Unblocking.

Your sink doesn’t flow as good as it did before? A period of longer inactivity caused blockages to dry-up and form a barrier in your drains? Drainage blockages occur due to all sorts of reasons.

Why Flushing Wet Wipes is such a Bad Idea.

Baby wipes, wet wipes, make-up wipes, moist wipes, cleaning wipes, nappy liners .... the offerings in stores are enormous and very appealing. Often, they are even marked as being flushable, but even more often ...

RIDGID Continues to Support Customers During Tough Times

The current global crisis is affecting all of us, at work and at home. RIDGID is also following the official guidelines and has put immediate health and safety measures in place in all locations.

Happy International Women’s Day!

The International Women’s Day is a celebration of all WOMEN around the world. With this special occasion, we would like to present to you the story of 3 amazing, hard-working women in skilled trades.

RIDGID® FlexShaft™ The New High-Speed Drain Cleaning Machine For The Modern Era

The new range of RIDGID® FlexShaft™ Drain Cleaning Machines offer the newest high-speed drain cleaning innovation from one of the world’s most recognised brands.

Why Summer Is the Ideal Time to Clean Your Drains

From cost saving to preventing floods and damage to your home, discover why summer is the ideal time to clean your drains with a guide from Ridgid Tools.

RIDGID Flexshaft Drain Cleaning Press Release

RIDGID® FlexShaft™ Drain Cleaning Machines: The Tools You Won’t Want to Be Without. Wall-to-wall clean with astonishing speed combined with simultaneous pipe inspection.

RIDGID SeeSnake with TruSense Press Release

The Industry’s best inspection cameras just got better! See More, Guess Less with the New RIDGID® SeeSnake® Cameras with TruSense™