• Drain & Sewer Video Inspection

    Drain & Sewer Video Inspection

    RIDGID SeeSnake® video inspection systems are the standard for reliability and maneuverability.

  • Plumbing Locating

    Plumbing Locating

    TheNaviTrack® II and the NaviTrack Scout® locators are the easiest to learn and use. Ideal for locating sondes.

  • Utility Locating

    Utility Locating

    RIDGID locating receivers feature an easy-to-use visual mapping display that allows you to locate utility lines and sondes/beacons with confidence. Use with a SeeSnake camera equipped with a sonde transmitter to locate the camera head during an inspection or use with a line transmitter to find buried utilities. These locators can also find flushable float sondes and remote transmitters attached to a push rod or drain cable.

  • Test and Measurement

    Test and Measurement

    RIDGID hand-held diagnostic equipment provides simple, quick and accurate readings.

  • Hand-Held Video Inspection

    Hand-Held Video Inspection

    RIDGID hand-held inspection cameras diagnose and solve problems in tight spaces.