RIDGID Competition – An Event For The Professionals Of Tomorrow

25 March, 2024

It is not a secret anymore that we care about the future generations of professionals in trade and we help them grow and develop technical skills with any occasion we have.

3 years ago, we launched a RIDGID Laboratory in collaboration with the Technical University of Cluj Napoca, Romania. The actual location was at the Faculty of Installations and, ever since, we don’t miss a chance to train the students and get them familiar with the RIDGID products and technologies. You can read more about the event which marked the official opening of the RIDGID Laboratory here.


Last week we met again the students, but this time we organized a competition that was set to test the technical knowledge they acquired this year. We simply called the event a “RIDGID Competition” and we challenged 4 teams of 5 students to get through various tasks structured around four product stations, each focusing on a specific aspect of installations:


  • Pipe threading led by our Szilard Tasnadi, RIDGID Technical Specialist EMEA
  • Roll grooving led by Roxana Mare, teacher at the Cluj Napoca Faculty of Installations
  • Tube cutting and pressing & StrutSlayR let by Sorin Danci, Area Sales Manager Romania
  • Underground Technologies led by Anca Jitea, Manager Pipe Tools and Underground Technologies EMEA


In addition to safety and technical skills, we also took into consideration some of the soft skills necessary to succeed in nowadays working environment. Teamwork, effective collaboration, time management and healthy competition among peers were some of the aspects we found important in the development of future trades professionals.

Points were awarded based on the successful completion of tasks at each station. The scoring system was closely watched by the observers of each station and, at the end of the competition, the team with the highest overall score was declared the winning one. Their achievement reflected their proficiency in installations and their ability to effectively apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios, always with safety in mind and always being team players. No one left empty-handed, all the participants received diplomas, but also RIDGID tools as prizes.


“This competition provided valuable hands-on experience for the students, helping them develop critical skills necessary for their future careers in the installations industry. Additionally, it fostered a sense of camaraderie among students and encouraged them to strive for excellence in their academic and professional pursuits.” – Roxana Mare, teacher at the Cluj Napoca Faculty of Installations


“I believe this event was a great one, as we got more in-depth in the installations world, at least more than we would normally do. Being a young woman in trades is not very easy, but the smart and intuitive tools offered by RIDGID make your life easier. They don’t require a lot of physical force, but more focus and skills which can be trained and developed. Thanks, once again, for the great event and prize!” - Szasz Gabriella – First-year student at the Cluj Napoca Faculty of Installations

Congratulations to all the participants of the event, but also to the teachers who accompanied and guided them throughout this beautiful journey!