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Rugged Jobsite Tools


Emerson's Professional Tools Portfolio


Professionals trust RIDGID tools to work in plants, on construction sites and in countless other harsh environments.


Greenlee® has been elevating the industry standards through delivering innovative products and solutions to drive efficiencies and improve safety to meet the demands and needs of our customers.


Klauke is renowned for its high-quality, electrical connection technology and tools for crimping, cutting and punching.

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Press Release
Not all heroes wear capes, most of the time they go undercover. Luckily, some things help us reveal their identity: a stethoscope, a safety helmet, ice water on a hot summer day, a plunger when things get messy and the list continues.
3 August, 2020
Press Release
If you are in trades, but you haven’t heard of @nample yet, here’s an advice: go on Instagram and follow him immediately. He is not only an inspiring tools influencer but also a very hard-working person, always ready to offer support, tips, tricks and honest reviews about the tools he uses daily on the job site. His daily routine? Cut. Bend. Press. Fit. Repeat.
9 July, 2020
Press Release
Your sink doesn’t flow as good as it did before? A period of longer inactivity caused blockages to dry-up and form a barrier in your drains? Drainage blockages occur due to all sorts of reasons.
26 May, 2020