RP 352-XL Press Tool

RP 352-XL

RP 352-XL Press Tool

RP 352-XL

The RIDGID RP 352-XL is the lightest and fastest (108 mm in only 12 secs) pistol grip XL Press Tool allowing the users to press XL-size M-fittings in a single cycle without requiring a second pressing and actuator.

RP 352-XL also features the patented QuickSwitch™ Stroke allowing the use of standard 32 kN Press Jaws. As a result, there is no need anymore for a second press tool on the jobsite as RP 352-XL will press smaller sizes as fast as a standard press tool.

The RP 352-XL is equipped with the Press-CHECK! Pressure Sensor and directly monitors every single pressing cycle and warns in case of failure... for your peace of mind!

Furthermore, RP 352-XL provides the user critical tool and usage information via the integrated OLED-screen or a mobile device that can be connected to RP 352-XL through Bluetooth and the free RIDGID Link App.

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  • One-Shot XL-Press - Presses 66.7 up to 108 mm M-profile fittings in only one press cycle and without using a 2nd Actuator, offering unparalleled efficiency.
  • Fast FWD XL-Press - 108 mm M-Press in only 12 secs; with RIDGID Fast-FWD Press Technology.
  • QuickSwitch™ Stroke - Easily switch between XL and smaller sizes. No second tool needed for small diameter pressing.
  • Secure Press w/ Press-CHECK! - Integrated pressure sensor monitors and confirms every single pressing. Warns in case of a failure... For your peace of mind!
  • Next Level Ergonomics - Lightest Pistol Grip XL Tool weighing only 3,8 kgs. Offers ultimate tool balance and user comfort.
  • Advanced Electronics - Instant access to tool and usage information through Bluetooth (w/ Free RIDGID Link App) and the integrated OLED-screen.
  • 350° Head Rotation - 350˚ Head Rotation allowing the user to press from practically any angle.
  • Multi Power Source - RP 352-XL provides full flexibility with FULL POWER ACCES! Either use the RP 352-XL with RIDGID 18 V Li-Ion Batteries, Corded Power Adapter (5 m cable) or with compatible 18 V Makita LXT-series batteries.
  • 32 kN-XL Press Rings (66,7-108,0 mm) - RIDGID 32 kN-XL Press Rings feature the unique 4-Segment Technology, which allows for full synchronized pressing and easiest/fastest mounting/demounting of the Press Rings. The innovative Chain Lock provides extended safety, easily absorbing high pressures and preventing slipping from the fitting.
  • 32 kN-XL Actuator - RIDGID 32 kN-XL Actuator features special markings for easy visual confirmation of correct insertion.


Introducing RIDGID Link™, a new mobile platform that interfaces with RIDGID® tools equipped with Bluetooth technology. Registration is quick and easy and the app provides valuable real-time data on your phone or tablet. Sign up today to start working faster… and smarter.

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Type Pistol Grip
Force Output 32 kN
Capacity 12-108 mm
QuickSwitch™ Stroke 3 positions: 40 / 80 / 100 mm
Weight w/o Battery 3,8 kg
Power Source 18 V 5.0 Ah Li-Ion Battery (Default)
Head Rotation 350°
LED Light Yes
OLED Screen Yes, Integrated
Bluetooth / App Yes / RIDGID Link
Service Interval 32K Press Cycles
Pressure Sensor Yes, Press-CHECK!

Ordering Information

RP 352-XL Tool Kits (incl. Carrying Case, 18 V 5.0 Ah Battery and Fast Charger)
Catalog Number Model No. Description Weight (kg)
75798 RP 352-XL  RP 352-XL Press Tool Kit (Tool, Case, 18V 5.0 Battery and 230V Fast-Charger)  Buy Now
75803 RP 352-XL + ACT  RP 352-XL Press Tool Kit (RP 352-XL Tool, 32 kN-XL Actuator, Case, 18V 5.0 Battery and 230V Fast-Charger)  Buy Now
32 kN-XL Actuator & Press Rings (66,7-108 mm) for RP 352-XL*
Catalog Number Model No. Description Weight (kg)
75823   32 kN-XL Actuator for RIDGID RP 352-XL  Buy Now
75828   32 kN-XL Press Ring M 66,7 mm  Buy Now
75833   32 kN-XL Press Ring M 76,1 mm  Buy Now
75838   32 kN-XL Press Ring M 88,9 mm  Buy Now
75843   32 kN-XL Press Ring M 108, 0 mm  Buy Now
Catalog Number Description Weight (kg)
43338 220 V Mains Adapter (5 m cable)  Buy Now
56518 18V 5.0Ah Advanced Lithium Battery
Buy Now
56523 230V Fast-Charger (Car Charged Cord incl.)  Buy Now
75763 Carrying Case only for RP 352-XL  Buy Now