RE 600 Cable Termination Tools

RE 600 Cable Termination Tools

RIDGID® RE 600 tools provide maximum efficiency when used for high-volume dedicated cutting or crimping applications. All tools also come with two batteries, charger and carrying case.

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General Features

  • Inline design for easy, one-handed operation
  • Optimized for size, weight and balance
  • 360° Head rotation increases accessibility in difficult to maneuver spaces
  • Bright white LED light provides direct illumination of work area

RE 600 RDH Features

  • Small profile allows access to tight spots
  • Capacity Range Lugs/Connectors: - Copper (STD&DIN): 6-300 mm², Aluminum (STD&DIN): 10-240 mm²
  • Designed for 60 kN round dies only
  • Compatible w/ RIDGID & other manufacturers of 60 kN round dies

RE 600 4PI Features

  • 4 Point Indenter Head for Die-less Crimping of Standard Copper Lugs from 10 mm² up to 400 mm²
  • Small spring-loaded latch for easier access

RE 600 SC Cu/Al

  • Scissor-style Cutter Head
  • Cuts up to 50 mm diameter copper/aluminum (both building and fine stranded wire) in less than 5 seconds.


  • Scissor-style Cutter Head
  • Designed to cut up to 30 mm diameter ACSR cable.


Output 6-ton ((60 kN) hydraulic force output
Approximate cycle time 5 seconds
Hydraulic service interval 32,000 cycles
Temperature limit 10°C - 50°C
Power RIDGID® 18V Advanced Lithium Battery platform
Comes With All tools come with two batteries, charger and carrying case

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Description Weight
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57608 RE 600 SC ACSR  Buy Now
Catalog Number Model No. Description Weight
lb. kg
56523 RBC-30  230V Fast-Charger (Car Charged Cord incl.)  1 11/20  1.50  Buy Now