5 RIDGID Gift Ideas For Christmas In July

5 July, 2023

It’s a well-known fact that Christmas is one of the most popular holidays of the year. Christmas gets everyone to a chill and relaxed state of mind and, more importantly, it brings people together.   

Now let’s agree on another fact: Christmas doesn’t have to come only once a year; it can be celebrated in July as well. The traditional dinner can be replaced with a barbeque, the eggnog with some frozen cocktails, the classic decorations with flowers and the snow with sand, of course.

One thing should remain the same: presents. And if you’re out of ideas, here are 5 gifts you could buy for a plumber right in time for Christmas in July.

1. A RIDGID Wrench

There is no such thing as too many RIDGID Pipe Wrenches. Therefore, you can choose from our wide selection of 17 different wrench models. Let us tell you a secret: the Heavy-Duty Straight Wrenches, the RapidGrip® Wrenches, the Hex Wrenches and the Strap Wrenches are the most popular models. If you can’t decide between one of them, why not get all of them? 😊

2. A RIDGID RP115 Micro Press Tool

RP115 Press Tool is the latest addition to the RIDGID pressing line. With a weight of only 1,3 kg and a length of 33 cm, it offers the best-in-class tool ergonomics and balance for a very comfortable pressing experience. We guarantee that this gift will be highly appreciated by any professional plumber in the field.

3. RIDGID RP 352XL Press Tool

RP 352 XL Press Tool is also pretty new in the RIDGID pressing line. It proves unparalleled efficiency, allowing the users to press XL-size M-fittings in a single cycle without requiring a second pressing and actuator. Just add a red bow to the box, we are sure the RP352 XL will be considered to be a perfect gift.

4. A legendary duo: microReel APX Camera with VIA Monitor

This legendary duo is a must in every plumber’s van. Both the SeeSnake microReel APX and the VIA Monitor are lightweight, compact and highly portable, ready for inspection challenges a plumber may face on the job site.  

5. A RIDGID Gear Goodie Bag

If you like all the ideas above, but you are still not convinced, the RIDGID Gear website offers unlimited gift ideas. You can choose between the most popular items: RIDGID Nike Hoodie, RIDGID 100 Cap, RIDGID 100 Radio, or you can create a goodie bag that contains all of them. Ho ho ho!


What’s the gift you would immediately get for your fellow plumber?