Focus on Efficiency

View inside a pipe, drain cleaning

Focus on Efficiency

RIDGID drain cleaning machines are renowned for their exceptional efficiency in tackling even the most stubborn and challenging clogs. ​

  • legacy of innovation and durability​;
  • robust construction and powerful motors ensure they can handle a wide range of pipe sizes and materials;
  • advanced cable control and auto-feed mechanisms enhance user convenience while optimizing the cleaning process.
Drain Cleaning Machines
  • Incorporation of durable materials and high-performance motors ensures longevity and consistent operation​;
  • Ergonomic designs prioritize user comfort and ease of handling;
  • Consistent focus on innovations that not only save valuable time but also elevate the effectiveness of drain cleaning tasks.


Drain cleaning machine in action


  • Constructed with robust materials and engineering precision;​
  • The heavy-duty cables and reinforced frames ensure that these machines can endure the challenges of clearing even the toughest blockages;​
  • The focus on longevity of your tools, not only translates to cost-effectiveness for plumbing professionals but also reflects RIDGID's commitment to providing reliable tools that stand the test of time.
  • Hand Tools

    RIDGID® Hand Tools allow you to easily clear obstructions in toilets and drain lines.

  • Sink Machines

    RIDGID Sink Machines are portable, compact, lightweight yet powerful.

  • Drum Machines

    RIDGID Drum Machines deliver high torque to clear obstructions in commercial and residential drain lines.

  • Sectional Machines

    RIDGID Sectional Machines use high-speed cutting action to drill through obstructions.

  • Rodder Machines

    RIDGID Rodders are designed specifically for larger diameter drain lines.

  • Water Jetting Machines

    RIDGID Water Jetting Machines are ideal for clearing grease, sewage or soap clogged lines.

  • FlexShaft® Machines

  • Cables and Tools

    RIDGID® offers a wide variety of cutters and augers to clean everything from grease to root blockages.