PC116 Powered Tubing Cutter

PC116 Powered Tubing Cutter

The PC 116 Powered Tubing Cutter is the ideal go-to cutter for everyday use. This 4.5” machine saves time and effort thanks to its fast set-up and operating features: quick size adjustment, quick- feeding mechanism, spark- free, cold cutting, high strength alloy wheels with tool-free replacement. It delivers consistent and accurate cutting in a wide variety of materials, such as stainless steel, steel and coated steel, aluminum, copper, PVC (plastic), multilayer. Thanks to being highly transportable, it can be easily carried for various cutting jobs to the jobsite or for daily use in the shop.

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  • High strength, alloy cutting wheels
  • Dedicated wheels for metallic and plastic tubing
  • Clean and smooth cut
  • Measuring scale


  • For the jobsite and the workshop
  • Versatile, for multiple materials: Stainless steel, steel and coated steel, aluminum, copper, PVC (plastic), multilayer
  • Lightweight, only 14 kg
  • Tubing stand and reamer available as accessories


  • Fast to set-up and operate
  • Quick-feeding mechanism
  • Tool-free cutter-wheel replacement
  • Quick size adjustment


  • Foot pedal, for extra machine control
  • Spark-free, cold cutting


Cutting capacity: 12 mm – 116 mm (½”– 4 ½”) tubes (outer diameter)
Tube wall thickness: max 3 mm (metallic tubes); max 6 mm (plastic tubes)
Reaming capacity: 15 mm – 54 mm (½" to 2”) with optional accessory
Materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, multilayer tubes
Motor: 230V, 50/60Hz, 705W, universal
Roller Rotational Speed: 190/363 RPM
Weight: 14 kg
Size: 29,5 cm × 23,9 cm × 40,3 cm (L x W x H)
Standard Kit: PC116 cutter w/ foot pedal, 2 cutter wheels w/ bearing for metallic & plastic tubes (E850, E855)
Other features: Measuring scale

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Model No. Description
68118 PC 116  Powered Tubing Cutter Kit w/ plastic & metallic cutter wheels, 110V 
70003 PC 116  Powered tubing cutter kit w/ plastic & metallic cutter wheels 
Catalog Number Description
64898 Wheel Bearing 
64903 Tube Stand 
64908 Reamer 
66938 Cutter Wheel w/o Bearing for Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum 
66943 Cutter Wheel w/o Bearing for Plastic and Copper