5 Reasons Why You Should Choose The RIDGID RP115 Press Tool

18 March, 2024

The RP115 Micro Press Tools is the latest addition to the imPRESSive line of RIDGID Press Tools. It is the lightest and smallest press tool on the market and a must in every plumber’s tool kit. If you haven’t bought it yet, here are 5 reasons why you should do it immediately.

1. Tool ergonomics

With a weight of only 1,3 kg and length of 33 cm, the new RP 115 micro-pressing Tool offers best-in-class tool ergonomics and balance for the easiest and most comfortable pressing experience.

“I bought this crimping machine after much thought and comparisons with other crimping machines. I'm super pleased. I got exactly the set of jaws I needed, not the one the seller imposes on the buyer. This crimper is really very handy, light and can be operated with one hand.” – Janek, Birkenhead, the United Kingdom

2. Speed press functionality

RP 115 takes pressing speed to the next level, with a press cycle time of only 3 seconds, allowing you to get your pressing job done in the blink of an eye.

3. Micro size, macro performance

RP 115 is packed with 15 kN electro-hydraulic force for maximum performance covering most of the pressing sizes and applications. It features a full range of 15kN micro press jaws which help users press up to 32 mm plastic/multilayer and 28 mm copper/ stainless steel tubes.

“RP115 represents the future in pressing. I used it on different materials, and it offered nothing but high-quality pressing.” - Ross Charters, Bath, the United Kingdom

4. Super Agile

RP115 is also super agile and offers pressing flexibility with its 210° Head Rotation.

The new RP115 is a little beast. I’ve already used it on multiple jobs and I am still very amazed by it.” – Moreno Schiepers, Maaseik, Belgium

5. Full one-handed operation

Thanks to its inline micro-design, the use of unique micro-jaws and full one-handed operation-capability, the RP 115 is also a true problem solver when it comes to pressing work in the most confined spaces and challenging job sites. The RP115 can be continuously used without causing sore muscles and pain at the end of the working day.