RIDGID RP 352 XL Press Tool In Italy

3 March, 2023

Nowadays, when it comes to home comfort, one essential thing people value is quality HVAC installation. The purpose of good HVAC installations is more than just warming or cooling a space; it serves to improve indoor air quality and provide comfort for everyone inside a building.  

When working in HVAC, in addition to technical skills, quality tools are equally important to the success of a job. As pressing plays an important role in the HVAC field, every press tool we offer features high precision and engineering, assuring a solid performance on the job site.

RP352 XL Press Tool is the latest addition to the RIDGID Press Tools product range. It is the lightest and fastest (108 mm in only 12 secs) pistol grip XL Press Tool, allowing users to press XL-size M-fittings in a single cycle without requiring a second pressing and actuator. Whether for industrial, commercial or residential use, for both new and retrofit installations, the RIDGID Press Tools are suitable for more applications than any other press fitting system.

RP352 XL in Pinerolo, Turin, Italy

BG Impiati Sas is a 3-employee HVAC company in Pinerolo, northern Italy. Gianluca Bertolotti is the owner of the company and a loyal RIDGID customer for many years now. As the company already possesses many RIDGID pipe fabrication tools (690 Handheld Threader, 300 Threading Machine, PC 116 Powered Tubing Cutter), but also a RIDGID RP 340 Press Tool, the RP 352 XL Press Tool was the right tool to be added to the working van.

BG Impiati Sas uses the RIDGID RP 352 XL Press Tool mainly in the installation of boilers and central heaters and prefers large pressing (D 75 88 108), on stainless steel and carbon pipes.   

“The RIDGID RP352 XL Press Tool is very efficient, comfortable to handle, and we will continue to be loyal to the RIDGID brand.” - Gianluca Bertolotti, owner @ BG Impiati Sas 

RP352 XL Press Tool in Albenga, Savona, Italy                     

Giorgio Rinaldo is an HVAC contractor in Savona, also in northern Italy. Giorgio is a loyal RIDGID customer and uses on his daily jobs pipe fabrication tools (690 Handheld Threader, Tristand Vises), RIDGID Press Tools (RP340 Press Tool, RP 219 Press Tool) and also RIDGID UT and drain cleaning solutions (FlexShaft Machine, SeeSnake microDrain Camera). As most of Giorgio’s work goes into the installation of central heaters and industrial air conditioning, the RIDGID RP 352 XL Press Tool came as a much-needed extra hand on the job site. It is used mostly in large pressing (D 75 88 108), on stainless steel and carbon pipes.

“With the RP 352 XL Press Tool RIDGID provides a very good quality/price ratio. I love the RP 352 XL, it is a very intuitive tool, comfortable and easy to handle. Using the RIDGID press rings is easier than I expected." - Giorgio Rinaldo, HVAC contractor

In these cases, the applications where the RIDGID RP 352 XL is used are similar, but the feedback the tool received so far is promising. Even if it’s an XL tool, the RP 352 is built with ergonomics and ease of use in mind.

Keep an eye on us, we will share more field stories of the RDIGID RP 352 XL Press Tool in action.