2021 Product Innovations: Year-In-Review

25 January, 2022

2021 was a great year for new products. We managed to bring to the market innovative tools, but also new features and benefits that make our customers’ jobs and lives easier.

Let's do a 2021 year in review.


Chronologically speaking, we started the year strong, withRP 219 Compact Press Tool, the lightest tool in the RIDGID range, offering full access to confined spaces, super-fast pressing, and critical tool information. 


“After using it a couple of times, I have to say, it is the lightest pressing tool I have ever had in hand. The compact inline design is perfect for use even in the tightest places. This brings a big plus when comparing to the RP 340 press tool I own and mostly used so far.The full range of jaws and profiles available makes me think of the RIDGID RP 219 as my new favorite press tool. So, luckily I found a best new pal and companion on the job site.”  

- Moreno Schiepers, a professional plumber in Maaseik, Belgium. 


Later in the year, came the RP 350 (pistol grip) and RP 351 (inline design), the new generation 32kN pressing tools featuring brushless motor technology that makes them maintenance-free. Having no service interval required is what sets the RP 350/ 351 apart and makes it the premium choice for the installers. 


“I met my RIDGID representative back in the summer in regards the new RP350 & RP351 Pressing Tools. I absolutely love them! I must say I made the right choice; I have been using them all summer and they haven’t missed a beat! Now I keep trying to say to all fitters and installers I know, to check the RP350 & RP351 out. These tools really take pressing to the next level!”
- Michael Bates, Cathedral Gas LTD, UK


The fourth innovative product we launched, compatible with RP 350/ 351, was the StrutSlayR Strut Shear Head which offers burr-free strut cuts, in 5 seconds. The fact that this is fast and spark-free, saves contractors a ton of time. 


“Truly amazed by this bit of kit. Time is money, so everybody working on big industrial/ commercial installs needs a RIDGID StrutSlayR at hand.
- Steven Whyte, Cube Electrical and Building Contractors LTD, UK


In the Pipe Fabrication segment, we came in FY21 with another time-saving innovation: PC 116, a powered and portable tubing cutter for everyday use.


“In the past years we tried different types of tools to cut tubes accurately, with no deformations. None matched our needs like the RIDGID PC 116 Powered Tubing Cutter does. We first tested it on ¼” and 3/8” copper tubing for air conditioning installations, but also on bigger 1-½”, 2” and 3” carbon steel tubing for industrial boilers used in thermal power plants. The first impression was clear: fast, precise & practical tool. It really delivers to its purpose: accurate cutting, every time, with no marks or deformations. No time to lose, tubes are ready for pressing connection in seconds!” 
– Mario Baretta, Owner of Baretta IdraulicaRiscaldamento SRL, Italy 


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