The Portrait Of A Romanian Plumber

19 June, 2023

Ovidiu Țifui is a Romanian engineer and entrepreneur in the installation field and a huge RIDGID fan. He started his professional career 20 years ago and, ever since, he never missed a chance to get his hands dirty on the job site. Ovidiu is a big supporter of sustainability and green energy and his motto is: "Heat your place with nature, it doesn't send you the bill.”

Let’s discover together more details about Ovidiu, his career and his business - EcoInstall Heating Pumps.


When did your professional journey start?

I officially started my entrepreneurial journey in 2003, but I have around 23 years of experience in the field. It wasn’t easy, but I fully enjoyed every step of the way.

Please tell us a bit about the first years of your career. Did the financial crisis in 2007-2008 affect your business? As nowadays everybody talks about an imminent financial crisis, did you make a plan to go through it? 

In 2007 I was pretty new in the field, but I was lucky to already be specialized in renewable energies and energy-efficient installation systems for residential and commercial buildings. The financial crisis proved to be a good momentum to re-align my business strategies. It was a tough period for everyone, but I worked hard and it didn’t stop me from growing.

I am constantly keeping an eye on everything that happens in the European construction market, but also over all the environmental changes. I believe that the transition from installations that use fossil fuels to ones that use renewable energies is the key to success in the future.

What does one of your working days look like?

I am an engineer by profession, so I like to get my hands dirty and be active on the job site as much as I can. But unfortunately, being a general manager also means a lot of paperwork, administrative, financial and human resources duties. There is something new to learn every single day, but luckily I have a great team I can always rely on!

How big is your team?

Over the years I managed to form quite a big team and I learned the hard way how important it is to delegate. Now, looking back, I believe this is one of the most important things that help an entrepreneur succeed.

Which is the best part of working in the installation field?

In addition to the actual execution of each installation according to the plan, the most rewarding part is seeing how every project works perfectly and efficiently.

Which was the biggest challenge you faced?

In Romania, compared to other European countries, one of the biggest challenges is finding qualified people to work with. This shortcoming continues to be a very big obstacle in front of those who want to develop their businesses in plumbing.

Technical schools in Romania (and in Eastern Europe) should be revamped and adapted to the current technologies and market needs. These schools should train future plumbers to master smart and connected installations. 

Which is your message to those who want to start a career in trades, but are not 100% convinced yet?

I advise all young students to consider a career in trades, in the installation field, more precisely. Europe’s construction market is currently going through big changes and challenges in reaching decarbonization and energy efficiency. People’s comfort and health in both the residential and commercial fields are guaranteed by quality installations.

That’s why I believe this field will develop a lot in the future and the demand for qualified installers will increase significantly.

Which are the top 5 strengths a future installer should have?

  • Professionalism. Always deliver the best projects for your customers.
  • Hard work.
  • Patience. I have noticed that Generation Z rushes to finish school and dreams a lot about having a management position at their everyday job. I want to remind them that hard work pays off and if they are serious about their job and they accumulate enough experience, success won’t cease to appear.
  • Analytical and logical thinking.
  • The ability to get out of the comfort zone.

As you already know, this year we celebrate 100 years of RIDGID history. Do you have a message for us?

Happy anniversary, RIDGID! I hope you will continue to develop innovative and quality tools also for the next 100 years! And more. 

How long ago did you start to use RIDGID?

I discovered RIDGID in 2006. I bought my first RIDGID tools from the profit I made after finishing my first installation projects.

What’s your favourite RIDGID tool?

I like all RIDGID tools, but my all-time favourites are the micro CA-350 Inspection Camera and RP 350 Press Tool – a must for installers. We use a lot the micro CA 350 Camera, we like it because it is very compact, portable and lightweight and it allows us to see even in the tightest places. When on the job site accidents or unpredicted things can happen, that’s why we need to have tools we can always rely on.

What comes to mind when you say RIDGID?

Durability and reliability.