RP 350 & 351 Tour Going Global - the newest additions to the RIDIGD Press Tools family

19 May, 2021

We are enthusiastic to be introducing the RIDGID RP 350 and 351 Press Tools, the newest additions to the RIDGID Press Tools family. They absolutely rock and we're excited to continue the US Tour and roll them out on a RP 350 & 351 Tour to plumbers from all around Europe!

Our tour participants are all trusted RIDGID users and friends who will get to test the new RP 350 and RP 351 for a trial period on the pressing jobs they currently have. They will test the amazing features of the RP 350 and 351 tools and they will offer valuable feedback and details on how the machines perform on the job site.

Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Greece, Denmark, Romania and Belgium - all these countries are proudly represented by our tour headliners: @nample, @meister_shk, @irbheating, @french_renovation, @el_nano_artesan, @vitosplumbing, @vbgroupdk, @octavianbumbescu and @moreno.schiepers.

Keep an eye on us! More stories from the RP 350 & 351 Tour will be shared here, but also on our Social Media channels!