RIDGID® FlexShaft™ The New High-Speed Drain Cleaning Machine For The Modern Era

1 November, 2019

RIDGID® FlexShaft™ The New High-Speed Drain Cleaning Machine For The Modern Era

The new range of RIDGID® FlexShaft™ Drain Cleaning Machines is designed to offer contractors, maintenance engineers and caretakers the newest high-speed drain cleaning innovation from one of the world’s most recognised brands.

RIDGID’s new and innovative FlexShaft machines will quickly and efficiently enable wall-to-wall cleaning in 32 to 100 mm (1¼-to 4”) diameter residential and commercial pipes over lengths of up to 21.3 m.

To facilitate ease of use, the FlexShaft machines are lightweight and constructed as a fully-self- contained unit that can be utilised on site by a single operator in almost all access situations, no matter how tight the work space. The lightweight of the units means that they are also easily transported from the support vehicle to the point of use whilst still being easily stowable when not in use. This also minimises any potential strain on the operator during the transport and use of the machine.

The machines are used in conjunction with a full suite of specialised accessories that have been designed to quickly and efficiently handle all-manner of obstructions such as clearing grease, sludge, small tree roots and soft blockages whilst creating minimal mess.


The FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machine utilizes high rotational speed and low torque to clean drains. The Flexshaft is powered by a cordless drill, running between 1800 and 2500 RPM and equipped with a clutch, installed on the drive chuck centrally located on the FlexShaft housing. The drill rotates the flexible nylon-sheathed shaft of the cable that is contained within the drum.

Connected at the end of the flexible shaft are the chain knockers, which fully expand inside the line, when rotated at high speed, performing a efficient wall-to-wall clean. It’s important to let the speed of the chain knocker clean the drain and to not force chain knockers into blockages.

The double component design of the cleaning shaft with its inner rotating operating cable and the outer stationary sheath also means that the operator has increased safety on site and increased cleanliness. While one hand operates the power drill, the other hand operates the cleaning shaft in the pipe. A unique and additional benefit is the option to insert an inspection camera simultaneously inside the pipe, so the operator can inspect and clean the line in the same run if required. Additionally, the footage can be used to prove the proper clean-out to your customers. A considerable time-saver!

The fact that the outer sheath of the cable is not spinning also minimises the potential for accidents due to clothing, gloves or other loose materials catching on any high-speed rotating part of the machine.


The FlexShaft units can be equipped with a variety of cleaning heads - chain knockers and carbide tipped chain knockers. The standard chain knockers are suitable for all pipe materials and can remove soft blockages, wipes and grease. The carbide tipped chain knockers are suitable for the harder work, such as clearing urine stone, grease, scale and light roots. Chain Knockers with carbide tips are ideal for hard-walled pipes and should always be used with care, as they perform a quite aggressive clean-out.

The durable, nylon sheathed cable, can be easily wiped clean as it is pulled from the line and its fully-contained drum limits jobsite cross-contamination. And if needed, the drain cleaner can be turned to allow any liquid in the housing to be drained.

“The FlexShaft machine is the next big thing to happen to drain cleaning, not only providing fast and effective clearing of soft blockages, but also enhancing safety and efficiency by allowing for inspection cameras to remain in-pipe while work is completed.” said Tim Dunphy, Global Marketing Director, Underground Technologies, RIDGID. “It is the perfect complement to the industry’s most complete line of professional drain cleaning tools and one that every professional will want to have on their van.”

The FlexShaft machines come in two models. The K9-102is designed to work in 1¼ inch to 2 inch (32 to 50 mm) diameter pipe and includes 15.2 m of ¼ inch (6 mm) cable. It comes provided with an accessory kit including a 32 mm and a 50 mm Chain Knocker, a small bottle of FlexShaft Lubricant, two PVC P-Trap attachments, two Hex Key Tools, all contained in a RIDGID Tool Bag. The package (unit and accessories) weighs just 13.4 kg, making it the perfect cleaning companion.

The ¹⁄₄ inch (6 mm) diameter shaft can utilise two chains of each type, either standard or carbide tipped configuration, including 1¹⁄₄ inch to 2 inch (32 to 50 mm) and 2 inch (50 mm) sizes. The Carbide Tipped Chain Knockers are particularly interesting for descaling purposes.

The second, larger, model is the K9-204 FlexShaft for 50 to 100 mm (2” to 4“) diameter pipe and includes 21.3 m of ⁵/₁₆ inch (8 mm) cable. The accessory kit that is provided with the unit includes a K9-204 2 inch and a K9-204 4 inch Chain Knocker, a small bottle FlexShaft Lubricant, two Hex Key Tools and the RIDGID Tool Bag. This complete package weighs just 20 kg.

The ⁵⁄₁₆ inch (8 mm) diameter shaft option has three available cleaning chain sizes, in both standard and carbide tipped configuration, in diameters including 2 inch (50 mm), 3 inch (75 mm) and 4 inch (100 mm).

FlexShaft machines are backed by the RIDGID Full Lifetime Warranty.

To purchase or learn more about FlexShaft machines or other drain cleaning solutions, contact your local distributor, visit RIDGID.com, or call +32 11 598 620.