Press With The imPRESSive RIDGID Tools

9 May, 2023

The full line of RIDGID Press Tools saves you valuable time and money. It delivers unprecedented versatility, power and reliability, day after day and press after press. These imPRESSive tools are suitable for various applications while offering adaptability to every job.

Smaller. Faster. Smarter

Constant innovation is how we hold our top-ranking position in pressing. Every generation of RIDGID press tools works harder and smarter than the last one. RP 219 provides the user full access in the most confined spaces with its lightweight, ultra-slim inline design and full flexible 350˚ head rotation. RP 350 delivers 10-20% more presses per charge with zero scheduled maintenance, while RP 240 and 241 are over two pounds lighter than the original compact press tool. RP 352-XL is the lightest and fastest pistol grip XL Press Tool, allowing users to press XL-size M-fittings in a single cycle, without requiring a second pressing and actuator.
All models are equipped with Bluetooth compatibility, so the tools can interface with RIDGID Link, an app that shares valuable insights about the tool.

Let’s discover together imPRESSive job site stories and testimonials.

Field-Ready. Purpose-Built. 

RP-219 Press Tool

 "I’ve been a plumbing and heating engineer for 31 years in the UK and RP 219 is the best tool I’ve bought in a while. It's brilliant. I got around 250 presses with a single charge and the app and Bluetooth work perfectly. It’s a really well-made piece of kit and I can’t recommend it enough." - Danny, Manchester, United Kingdom

“RP-219 is always hungry for some fittings. :P It makes the job fast, easy and neat.” - Johannes Dwalibi, @ cederab_vvs, Sweden

RP-241 Press Tool

“As always, black and red are my favourites! The RP-241 RIDGID press gun is, in my opinion, the best on the market!” - @thevitalgroupltd, Gas & Plumbing services in Edinburgh, Scotland

RP-350 Press Tool

“I work in facility maintenance and I bought this tool 2 weeks ago. It’s a brilliant piece of kit! ” – Mel, Cheltenham, United Kingdom

RP-352 XL Press Tool

The RIDGID RP352 XL Press Tool is very efficient and comfortable to handle, and we will continue to be loyal to the RIDGID brand.” - Gianluca Bertolotti, owner @ BG Impiati SasItaly

"Great tools, high reliability! I love my RIDGID RP350, RP351 and RP352 XL Press Tools". -  Thomas Zielinski, Berlin, Germany