Why Summer Is The Ideal Time To Clean Your Drains

1 May, 2022

The summer season is upon us and many of us will be enjoying the - hopefully! - warm and sunny weather at home or on holiday.

Besides relaxing with a cold drink, visiting friends and family and enjoying the odd BBQ, many of us take the opportunity during the summer months to tackle those tasks around the home and garden that we just haven’t found the time for earlier in the year.

While you’re working through your to-do list of tasks and home DIY projects, you should consider cleaning and maintaining your drains. Preventative inspection and cleaning measures will prevent problems with blocked and leaking drains - prevention really is better than cure!

Nature is calling

Trees and bushes grow significantly during the spring and summer seasons and their roots often grow into pipes and drains, causing cracks and damage. Tree roots also often cause new blockages or worsen existing ones.

It’s beneficial to check the condition of your drains at this time of year to identify any damage or blockages. You can then easily rectify the problem to prevent it from getting worse and potentially causing extensive problems.

The temperature is rising

We’re all aware of the issues caused by global warming. We see it on the news regularly, we talk about it a lot, we read about it in the newspaper and we feel it in the extreme weather conditions that are becoming the norm.

When the temperature is high, our drains dry up, giving bacteria free rein and causing nasty odours to fill the air - not what we want in our homes!

Blockages deep in a drain can cause significant problems over time and they typically cannot be reached with standard home cleaning methods.

Hair and other debris can cause water to sit in your pipes, which will quickly lead to odours forming due to stagnant or slow-flowing water through your pipes. Blockages can also cause pipes to burst or leak, causing considerable and costly damage to your home which is the last thing you want when you return from holiday.

Professional drain cleaning is advisable as the methods and equipment used will clean deeper and remove those stubborn blockages which cannot be removed by standard home cleaning products.

For an at-home solution with more power than standard cleaning products, opt for our PowerClear drain cleaning machine. This powerful yet lightweight device clears drain blockages from sinks, showers and baths and easily fits into small spaces.

Our PowerSpin+ drain cleaning system easily and quickly cleans drain lines with a simple trigger mechanism. Simply turn the drum for a clean, clear drain with no mess.

Hot weather means heavy thunderstorms

After a drought or extreme dry weather, a large amount of rainwater flowing into a dried out and blocked drain during a thunderstorm causes the drain to overflow.

Spring and early summers are optimum times for preventative drain and sewer cleaning, removing leaves and other debris that has accumulated over the winter months and ensuring if we do see thunderstorms, the excess rainwater can drain away as it should with no risk of overflowing drains.

An in-pipe video camera inspection of your drains will alert you to potential problems and hydro-jetting will thoroughly clean sewer and drain lines to prevent backups and blockages.

Don’t forget your storm drains - these should also be inspected and cleaned to prevent mini ‘flash floods’ following heavy thunderstorms.

With several reasons to catch potential drainage problems before the wet and icy weather sets in later in the year, preventative drainage maintenance certainly makes sense.

Your wallet will benefit too

Although we don’t want to talk about winter just yet, the colder months bring with them the dangers of freezing and flooding - conditions that make drainage maintenance work much harder and more costly to carry out.

Autumn and winter are also much busier times of the year for plumbers, as they will be booked for radiator and boiler maintenance as we all look to switch our central heating back on as the weather turns cooler.

Scheduling drain checks and maintenance at the beginning of the summer is advised as your plumber won’t be fully booked and the temperatures won’t be too hot to carry out the essential work.

*Image Source: https://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-forecasts/accuweather-2022-europe-summer-forecast/1188325