RP 219: The 19 kN Press Tool Needed In Every Plumber’s Toolbox

25 June, 2021

RIDGID has expanded its line of Pressing Tools with RP 219, a brand new 19 kN Compact Press Tool. RP 219 features a service interval of 32.000 cycles without any time limit, offering the user a lower cost of ownership during its lifetime. It also offers full access…

…in the most confined spaces

RP 219 is lightweight (weighs less than 2kg), features an ultra-slim inline design and full flexible 350˚ Head Rotation. It is the ideal ‘No Fatigue’-tool, perfect for overhead applications and allows users to press from any angle, even in the tightest spots.

…to critical tool information

RP 219 provides the user direct access to critical tool information like the number of press cycles, hours of operation, pressing force, service interval and much more. This valuable information can be exclusively accessed on the RP 219 either through the high-visible OLED display or through Bluetooth® and the free downloadable RIDGID Link app.

…to a full range of 19 kN Press Jaws

RP 219 can be used with a full range of 19 kN compact press jaws ranging from M & V profiles up to 35 mm for metallic connections to TH, U, G and RF up to 40 mm for plastic and multilayer systems. 

…to multiple power sources

RP 219 provides full flexibility with full power access! Either use the RP 219 with RIDGID 18 V Li-Ion Batteries, Corded Power Adapter (5 m cable) or with your 18 V Makita LXT-series batteries.

…to super-fast pressing

RP 219 takes pressing speed to the next level, with a press cycle time of only 3 seconds allowing users to get your pressing job done in the blink of an eye.

…to Press-CHECK!

The RP 219 also features Press-CHECK, an integrated pressure sensor that monitors and confirms every single press cycle, covering the most essential aspects of any pressing tool: sufficient pressure buildup and 100% reliable pressing.

The amazing RP-219 pressing tools are already out there, on the job, and we are excited to see they slowly become irreplaceable in every plumber’s toolbox.

“After using it a couple of times, I have to say, it is the lightest pressing tool I have ever had in hand. The compact inline design is perfect for use even in the tightest places. This brings a big plus when compared to the RP 340 press tool I own and mostly used so far.
The addition of PRESS-CHECK gives me reassurance that every press I make is a good one and a fast one. (only 3 seconds/press) The full range of jaws and profiles available makes me think of the RIDGID RP 219 as my new favourite press tool. So, luckily I found a new best pal and companion on the job site.” says
@moreno.schiepers, a professional plumber in  Maaseik, Belgium. 

 To discover more about the RIDGID RP 219 Pressing Tool, watch the videos below: