The Portrait Of A Greek Plumber

1 November, 2022

Petros Vitos loves working in plumbing and he is one of the most dedicated people we have met. This is the secret that helped him stay in the plumbing business for more than 25 years now. He is a very hard-working person, but lucky at the same time, as he has gorgeous sea views on almost all the jobs he works on. We guess this is the beauty of living in Greece. 

Let’s discover together some more details about Petros and his activity. Happy reading!

1. What is your full name? Which is your occupation?

Hello! My name is Petros (Peter) Vitos and I live in Patras, Greece. I am a plumber by trade and an entrepreneur since 2003.

2. When and how did you start your career in trades?

I started working as a plumber in 1997 and I started my own business, VITOS Plumbing/Heating/Pools, in 2003.

3. So, you are an entrepreneur in plumbing. Which are the pros and cons of having your own business in trades nowadays?

Having my own business requires a lot of effort, time and involvement. I will start with the cons, leaving the good stuff for the end. Two of the biggest cons are the risk of getting paid by some customers with a big delay and the time pressure to be on time with the big projects; the pressure falls on my shoulders. On the pros side, I like the fact that I never get bored at work. Every day is different and comes with diverse job site applications and tools. I live in a beautiful city, so I get to see beautiful views during most of my jobs.

4. Tell us about your everyday work – what kind of projects are you working on, and which tools and technologies do you use?

My everyday work is mostly in new construction buildings and big houses, laying installations, doing underfloor heating, and installing cooling systems or heat pumps. For all these installations I use enough of the RIDGID RP241RP350 and RP351 Press Tools.

5. What’s the best part of working in trades? What about the most challenging one?

The part that gives me satisfaction about working in trades is when I finish every job "by the book". And that's why I need RIDGID beside me. On the challenges side, the biggest one is the struggle to find good technicians, but I think this is a universal topic in Europe nowadays.

6. How and when did you discover RIDGID?

I discovered RIDGID during my first months working as a plumber. I was searching for the most appropriate tools that could help me do the best job for my customers. I found RIDGID and 25 years later I am still a big fan of the brand!

7. Let’s talk a bit about pressing. Which are the applications you use RP241, RP 350 and RP351 for?

In Greece pressing is mostly used on Pexal pipes, not so much on copper because it's more expensive and you can't even find materials easily. I use the RIDGID Press Tools for water supply, heating and cooling applications. And depending on the job, I use them also on copper.

8. When you think about RIDGID, which are the first things that pop into your mind?

When I think about RIDGID the first expressions that come to my mind are "secure job" or "job well done". I’m not anxious when working with my RIDGID Tools.

9. Which is your RIDGID favorite tool and why?

My favorite RIDGID tool is the RP241 Press Tool. I use it almost every day; it is perfect for one-hand operation, it’s lightweight and it doesn’t get my hand tired.

10. Do you have a message for us?

It's my honour to be part of the RIDGID family! 👪