Increased Productivity In Italy With RIDGID PC116 Tubing Cutter

21 January, 2022

Living in 2022, in the century of speed, one thing is known for sure: everybody wants to work smarter, not harder. Working smarter increases productivity on the job site, saves energy and at the same time, money. When operating in trades, which should be the first thing considered when trying to work smarter? The choice of tools, of course.

The RIDGID PC 116 Powered Tubing Cutter is one of the tools that should be in every plumber’s van. It proves to be the ideal go-to cutter for everyday use. Why?


Efficiency & Safety. Checked! 

The PC 116 Powered tubing cutter is equipped with high strength, alloy cutting wheels, suitable for plastic or metallic tubing and very accurate cutting. After set-up, the cutter can be used immediately, as the tube needs no further adjustments, due to the measuring scale included on the machine.

The spark-free cold cutting adds to the consistent finish while causing no burns. Plus, the machine is equipped with a foot pedal for extra control.


Transportability. Tested! 

The PC116 cutter is a highly portable cutter, designed with job versatility in mind. It weighs only 14 kg and can be easily carried for various cutting jobs to the job site or for daily use in the shop.


Founded in 1984, Vanzetti Engineering is an Italian company that activates in the design and construction of cryogenic pumps for liquefied natural and air gases. Over the years, Vanzetti Engineering became a key contributor to the development and success of this industry.

Cutting pipes and tubes takes a big part of their working day, so Vanzetti Engineering needs tools they can always rely on. As the company was already familiar with the RIDGID 122 Cutting Machine, they wanted to test the new RIDGID PC 116 Powered Tubing Cutter as well.


“We mostly use the RIDGID PC 116 cutter on 3/8” -> 3” copper and stainless steel tube cutting jobs.

With this machine at hand, we also decided to create a dedicated cutting station and eliminate all the inaccurate electric saws we have been previously using. Now we experience increased productivity and safety on the job site.”


Luca Gobetti, Senior Purchasing Manager @ Vanzetti Engineering


To discover more about the RIDGID PC 116 Powered Tubing Cutter watch the video below: