A FlexShaft Tour Around Europe

16 April, 2021

Praise to all the sewer maintenance tradespeople out there! No matter the hour, day, season, or weather conditions, they are always ready to grab their drain cleaning equipment, jump into the van and offer that 24/7 service so much needed.

Most of the time, they fight pipe or drain blockages, but determination makes them winners and drains end up flowing freely, without back-ups or possible flooding.

We see tradespeople being genuinely proud of what they do, but also of the impact, their work has on the environment and families they serve. It’s high time to give all these hard-working and passionate tradespeople the additional spotlight they deserve, shall we? 

At the same time, at RIDGID, we are proud of how our tools help professionals get the job done faster and more efficiently. We will not be shy, this piece is also about our fierce FlexShaft Machines, which have become drain cleaners’ best working companions all around the world.

Let’s make a virtual trip and discover together some of these stories.

  RIDGID Flexshaft Machine

United Kingdom

Clearing uric scale blockages in urinals? Done! 

Lawrence Wolf from @argyle_drains_canterbury doesn’t run away from the smelly jobs! Cleaning urinals can be difficult, but not with a K9-102 FlexShaft Machine at hand. The high-speed efficient cleaning, with chain knockers battering all the debris off the pipe walls, makes sure Lawrence has the drains free-flowing in no time.


We do like a green environment, but not so much in drains… Luckily, @Moreno.Schiepers has it covered. 

Recently, Moreno was called to a site that had drainage issues. Armed with his SeeSnake Compact C40 Camera and his CS6x VERSA Monitor, he quickly discovered what the problem was: a plant’s roots had found a comfortable source to flourish. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so comfortable for the property owners, who got troubles with their drainage system.

Sorry, green monster, FlexShaft K9-204 was on the loose and had the problem solved in record time. 🤘🏻 

  RIDGID Flexshaft Machine


Wet Wipes – may look inoffensive, but they are dangerous once they go down the drains.

Yes, yes, yes, the soft freshness of wet wipes is appealing, as they clean everything in the blink of an eye. But don’t be mistaken, they are horrible for your drains.

When a family in Germany ended up with one of those awful wet wipes blockages in the bathroom, they were lucky that @kanalklinik came equipped with a K9-102 FlexShaft machine.

The blockage was under control and out of their drains in minutes! 


Let it Drain! Kitchen and Bathroom drain – all clear now.

It’s difficult to name something more annoying than slow-flowing sinks. You can literally feel the pressure building up not only in your drains but also in your head. Stressed out about the idea that soon this wastewater might flood your nice, clean kitchen or bathroom... Luckily, in these situations, @verkosohuolto comes to the rescue with his K9-102 FlexShaft machine.

FlexShaft - for your peace of mind.

  RIDGID Flexshaft Machine


Can it do garden drainages? Yep, it can! 

Garden drains are often a good candidate for all sorts of debris blockages. From one flooding to another, make sure you ask @StrojnoOdštopavanje Jurica to pay you a visit together with his FlexShaft Machines, He will make sure all garden drainage systems do what they’re designed for. Exciting!


FlexShaft for the win. All day, every day.

What can be found in a lavabo sink? Hair, soap, hair, soap and… more hair. At least this is what @Idrolario90 is used to find and clear with the help of his K9-102 FlexShaft machine. Did we already mention it is ideal for soft blockages in small drains?

32 mm? Consider it solved! 

  RIDGID Flexshaft Machine


Scale and other debris causing your toilet to stop flowing? NOT good. 

Another one of those stories you just don’t want to be featured in! Scale built-up is something you want to be solved as quickly as possible. Ludo, @plumbergoodjob, knows his FlexShaft machines and makes good use of them. Firstly, he knocks the scale and blockages away from the line, then he finishes off with a pass-through of a nylon/steel brush. Everything is done to stop blockages from re-occurring.

Happy Customer = Happy Ludo

Happy Ludo = Happy RIDGID

Their success is our success! 


The fourth time is a charm! 

What do you do when you have a blockage in a 40mm kitchen sink line and not 1 or 2, but 3 companies can’t solve your issue? Well, you call @tubetec.es and his FlexShaft K9-102 to the rescue! A pass of the machine and voilà, a free-flowing sink.

That’s what we call a #jobwelldone. 


The land of endless FlexShaft opportunities  

This one comes with a bit of advice: “Do not try this at home”. @the_ridgid_rep took “thinking out of the box” a level up and came with this idea of a new RIDGID Kitchen Aid Range, which does make sense if you see it in action. Having your FlexShaft whisking your omelette? Uhm... Okay. Or maybe... just no, keep it for the real blockages!