5 RIDGID Christmas Gifts Ideas

18 November, 2022

It feels like the past few weeks have flown away and this means only one thing: Christmas is just around the corner! 

As the waiting is over, we realize there are some traditions passed from generation to generation without which Christmas wouldn’t be the same. It all starts with the decorations and lights from stores, big squares, streets and, most importantly, our homes. As people wander around Christmas markets, drinking mulled wine or hot chocolate, all you can hear around is Carols or well-known Christmas songs.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but let’s not forget about another important thing: presents. In case you are running out of ideas, here are 5 gifts you could buy this Christmas season for a professional plumber.


RIDGID Wrenches

Red means Christmas, so the RIDGID Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrenches are top of the list when it comes to gift ideas for a plumber. No matter the model or the size, a RIDGID Wrench is more than just a Christmas present, it is a day-after-day Jobsite companion for a lifetime.

Oh, holy Wrenches!

A RIDGID SeeSnake MicroReel APX Camera & CSxVIA Monitor

Christmas-themed presents are cool, but do you know what would make any professional in trades happier? This compact diagnostics and inspection duo. The micro APX Camera and the CSxVIA Monitor diagnose any drain issue quickly, saving precious time and energy.

Ho Ho Ho!



The RIDGID TRISTAND Vises represent a great Christmas gift for a plumber, but they can be used year-round, in a huge number of pipe fabrication applications. Cutting, threading, roll grooving, you name it! Plus, each TRISTAND Vise features integral folding legs and tool hangers for easy transport and setup. TRISTAND & Bright is definitely the new Merry & Bright.


A RIDGID PowerClear

Drain blockages usually give headaches. That’s why a RIDGID PowerClear doesn’t have to miss from a plumber’s van. It is a compact and versatile drain cleaning machine that effortlessly cleans light tub, shower or sink blockages and it’s easy to carry around on the job site.

J̶i̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ ̶B̶e̶l̶l̶ PowerClear Rock!


RIDGID Gear Items

When you say Christmas clothing, the first thing that pops to mind may be jumpsuit PJs or coloured knitted sweaters. We have a better suggestion: a RIDGID Fleece or a RIDGID Nike Hoodie will keep one warm even in very cold weather conditions. Plus, these cool RIDGID socks are a perfect alternative for Christmas Stockings.

We love talking about RIDGID Christmas presents, but let’s not forget something that's more important. Christmas means family, friends and quality time with dear ones! Make sure to celebrate it to the fullest.

Happy Holidays!