The Ultimate RIDGID Drain Cleaning Kit

17 November, 2023

Nowadays, drain blockages and clogged pipes, one of the most common plumbing problems of all time, can be easily tackled when you have the right tools at hand. Some light residential blockages can be easily fixed by homeowners with RIDGID hand drain cleaners. But when things get more serious, a professional contractor has to be called to fix the issues and leave the drains free-flowing.

As time is money and blockages happen all the time, when you are a professional drain cleaner you want to quickly finish a job to be able to move to the next one. To do so, you need to have in your van the right machines and accessories for the right applications.


Here’s what an essential RIDGID drain cleaning kit should include:

RIDGID K6-P Toilet Auger

The RIDGID K-6P Toilet Auger clears clogs in toilets or urinals quickly and safely. It also features a quick lock adjustment to extend the cable to 1.8 m and clear beyond the toilet. Model K6P can be operated both manually or with a drill. (when you need more power)

RIDGID K-45 Sink Machine

Every drain cleaning kit should include the classic K-45 sink machine. It is a professional’s choice for cleaning small line (30 mm – 75 mm) blockages in lavatories, sinks, tubs and showers. Model K-45 is lightweight, compact and easy to carry onto the job site.

RIDGID K9-12 FlexShaft Machine

The newest addition to the RIDGID drain cleaning family is the K9-12 Flexshaft machine. It features a lightweight, but robust design which enables the machine to be stored vertically and also allows the drill to be positioned in multiple orientations during use. K9-12 is a must when it comes to light hair, soap, and light grease build-ups in 32 to 50 mm pipes.

RIDGID K9-102+ FlexShaft Machine

Model Flexshaft K9-102+ is the ideal go-to drain cleaning machine for everyday use. It features a fast set-up for an effective cleaning of 32 - 50 mm pipes. Hair, soap, grease, leaves, scale, wet wipes,  light roots and another wide variety of blockages can be easily tackled with this model. Therefore, you need to have it in your van.

RIDGID K9-204+ FlexShaft Machine

For more serious blockages in larger lines more commonly found on commercial jobs, make sure to use model FlexShaft K9-204+. It can be used on 50 - 100 mm pipe and it can be used with a very large variety of accessories, special chain knockers and brushes.

In case your drain cleaning kit contains at least one FlexShaft machine, here are some important tips and tricks you need to know. 

  • Once the drill is properly set up, make sure the clutch is set to a low setting (25% of the total clutch range), then attach the drill chuck to the drill shaft.
  • Choose the right chain knocker based on your cleaning situation.
  • When clearing blockages, operate the drill at full speed for the best cleaning results.
  • Do not force the chain knocker into blockages. If the drill clutches out, back out of the blockage and get chain knockers spinning again before re-entering the blockage.
  • If the drill continues to clutch out, the adjustable clutch setting can be increased.
  • Increase the clutch setting, but do not exceed 75% of the total clutch adjustment range as this increases the risk of cable damage in the drum of the drain cleaner.
  • If the drill continues to clutch out, the FlexShaft is not fit for the type of blockage you’re trying to clear. Consider using another RIDGID drain cleaning machine.