The Ultimate Compact Duo In Diagnostics and Inspection: MicroReel APX and CSxVIA

19 September, 2022

A blocked pipe or drain generates serious issues inside or outside the house and automatically causes anxiety to the homeowners. In these types of situations, timing is crucial: the sooner the problem is correctly diagnosed, the easier it is to find solutions and solve it.

To get a diagnostics or inspection job done fast and easy, a contractor needs to have the right camera and monitor at hand. MicroReel APX and CSxVIA are the latest RIDGID SeeSnake innovations, and together they are the perfect compact solution that every professional can easily stow in a truck and carry onto the job site.

Building on the success of the original microReel, the microReel APX offers enhanced camera functionality. The APX camera reels offer TruSense technology with an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image sensor for superior in-pipe viewing and an on-camera TiltSense inclinometer. The Auto-image flip functionality ensures the bottom of the pipe remains on the bottom of your monitor, while the improved high-efficiency LEDs deliver better in-pipe visibility and higher colour accuracy. The 25 mm hardened stainless steel camera head & spring assembly is durable and reliable to perform inspections up to 30 m.

Discover all the fantastic features of the microReel APX from the video below.

microReel APX also features a kickstand that keeps the reel steady while pushing and retrieving the cable and keeps the CSx Via Monitor protected. The CSx VIA Monitor is an additional, flexible, bring-your-own-screen solution, providing a convenient means to stream, capture, and share superior inspection images using an iOS, Android, or Windows device. The CSx VIA utilizes the free HQx Live app to remotely control the camera functions and features, such as the distance counter and the sonde.

Discover all the fantastic features of the CSx Via Monitor from the video below.

Nowadays innovation and technology play a significant role in our day-to-day life and activities. Let's embrace them and always look forward to the future!