The Portrait Of An Italian Plumber

23 August, 2022

It’s always a pleasure meeting people who are very proud and passionate about their careers in trades. Alessandro is one of these people and a real inspiration for all of us. He is a professional plumber in Italy and a very hard-working person who is proud to get his hands dirty in order to get the job done. Alessandro grew up in a family of plumbers and his motto in life is: <dirty hands, clean money>.

In his Instagram bio, he says he loves his life, his family and his job. So, let’s find out more details about him. Happy reading!

What is your full name? Which is your occupation?

Even if people on Instagram know me as @ireneale05, my full name is Alessandro Ambrosio. I live in Bergamo, Italy, and I work at Fintek SRL, a company which mostly does maintenance and operational work for industrial plants. Within the company, I hold various operational and responsibility roles. Our customers are mostly multinationals from different sectors: logistics, shopping centre management and healthcare.

How did it all start? How and when did you discover RIDGID?

I was born and raised in a family of plumbers and heating installers, so I can say that I entered the world of plumbing and thermo-hydraulics when I was a little boy. I have known RIDGID since I was a child, through my father's equipment, and I am proud that now, when I am 50 years old, I still use RIDGID equipment almost every day.

What about the everyday work? What kind of projects are you working on? Which are the tools and technologies you use for connecting tubing and piping?

On the job site, most of the equipment we use in the construction of hydraulic systems is RIDGID branded. Especially for threading and grooving large-diameter pipes. Years ago, we started to use the RIDGID 918 Roll Groover and 915 Roll Groover only for sprinkler systems and the RIDGID 300 Threading Machine for thermo-hydraulic and HVAC systems.

Which are the RIDGID tools you mostly use and why?

In recent years we have been using Victaulic couplings on almost all systems, therefore we use the RIDGID 918 more often. We use it on pipes up to 12 ". We use the RIDGID HC 300 very often for the construction of sprinkler systems, gas lines and HVAC jobs. Practically, the RIDGID equipment is everywhere we operate and on any material we use. We have just completed the refurbishment of a heating system and on Monday we will have to modify a sprinkler system in a supermarket. RIDGID is a must on our vans. RIDGID gives us safety and a feeling of reliability.

Which is your all-time favourite RIDGID tool?

The RIDGID 918 Roll-Groover is my all-time favourite and, to be honest, it is now an indispensable tool in our trade. It facilitates and speeds up every operation during the building of each hydraulic and HVAC system, so it helps us get the job done fast and very efficiently.

What’s your message for the ones who want to start a career in trades?

I encourage all these people to start immediately, with commitment and dedication, and learn humbly from those who are more experienced. I recommend them to learn and specialize in different fields as much as possible. The mind of a young person is like a book with blank pages; seriousness, commitment and respect will allow them to write a best seller.