StrutSlayR For Extra Efficiency On The Jobsite 💪

26 September, 2022

Nowadays everything happens at a very high speed. With the day having only 24 hours, everyone is looking for a well-balanced work – sleep – family – hobbies – social life mix. And there’s a secret to all these: EFFICIENCY.

With efficiency in mind, we designed and manufactured the amazing RIDGID StrutSlayR Strut Shear Head. It quickly became a must for construction, mechanical, plumbing, HVAC and electrical contractors. Why?

Strut channel is a very versatile component, needed in a wide range of applications and used as structural support for pipes or cable systems. Before usage, each strut channel needs to be cut and deburred according to the job requirements, an activity that takes lots of time when tackled with a traditional hacksaw, band saw or grinder.

And here’s when we come to the rescue, helping contractors work efficiently and save valuable time. Attached to a RIDGID 32kN Press Toolthe amazing StrutSlayR delivers high-quality strut channel cuts in 5 seconds or even less.

StrutSlayR offers a shearing operation, this means the strut channel gets displaced, rather than being cut and doesn't need deburring. This action is very safe, doesn't involve any grinding or sawing sparks and doesn't require a hot work permit.

StrutSlayR on the United Kingdom market

"You won't believe how easily the SrutSlayR cuts through strut channels. It's like a hot knife through butter." - eFIXX Media Platform

Convince yourself by watching this video of the StrutSlayR in action

“Efficiency and safety. If you cut strut channels regularly you need this in your life.” - Scott Clarke, Regional Sales Manager Scotland - MEP Hire @ Vp Plc

“Safety through Innovation allows Actemium to improve its working practices, safeguard our team and deliver to our clients exceptional service. Our LV contracting team has recently added the RIDGID StrutSlayeR to their toolbox to continue to improve safety and quality. Coupled with our Starbook, our teams can start each project safely whilst inspecting PPE and access equipment. These tools have been provided to our community of incredible people who continue to strive for quality and safety excellence.” - Steven Rowland, Business Unit General Manager @ Actemium

“Portable & powerful – the first mobile strut cutter offering shop-quality results out on site. It is battery powered and lightweight for workplace versatility” - Natalie Lundie - Marketing Lead @ THORNE & DERRICK