“Skills & Tools For A Lifetime” - A RIDGID Event Dedicated To The Young Professionals In Trades

17 April, 2023

This year we are celebrating a major milestone: 100 years of designing and building innovative tools, trusted on job sites around the world and handed down from generation to generation. 

We dedicate 2023 to the skilled trades and to those who build a stronger tomorrow. Therefore, on April 3rd we celebrated 100 years of RIDGID history during an event organized at the Faculty of Installations, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The durable partnership developed with the Faculty of Installations helps us promote STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) to the young generations of students. 


The events brought students closer to the industry and underlined the importance of practical skills and high-quality tools in getting the job done easier and efficiently. “Skills & Tools For A Lifetime”, the main theme of the event, was the starting point for interactions between relevant companies in the Oil & Gas and HVAC industries, and students. The speakers focused on work experiences, overall trends and technologies in installations, but also on the skills and capabilities the engineers of tomorrow should acquire.

The second part of the event focused on a practical exercise, a contest between two teams of 4 students. Both teams had to follow specifications and build a mini copper installation in the shape of “100” using RIDGID tubing cutters, reamers and press tools from the RIDGID laboratory we equipped in 2020.

“Equipped with the most innovative technologies and built for reliability and ease of use, the RIDGID tools stay true to their purpose of building the skills the engineers of tomorrow need”, - Anca Jitea, RIDGID Product Marketing Manager EMEA

Both teams did very well, and the winning installation will be displayed in our office in Cluj-Napoca for the rest of 2023.

“I was very excited to be part of the <Skills & Tools For A Lifetime> contest. It was the first time my colleagues and I did an installation from top to bottom, and we are happy we managed to do a good job. It was a very nice experience and I already look forward to the following events organized by RIDGID.” – Rareș Barna, student of the Faculty of Installations, Cluj-Napoca


“This contest was a very interesting experience for me because it stimulated my creativity and encouraged me to find various solutions to complete the project. It was a real pleasure to get to work with the RIDGID machines outside of regular classes and, more importantly, it was great interacting with my teammates and the technical experts from RIDGID Romania. It was an experience that I want to repeat.” – Bogdan Sancraian, student of the Faculty of Installations, Cluj-Napoca


The event proved once more that a skill thoroughly learned is a career for a lifetime, and RIDGID is honoured to be by the students’ side every step of the way.