RIDGID Europe Experience

20 November, 2023

The RIDGID story started in 1923 with the invention of the iconic RIDGID Pipe Wrench. Every product we have developed, every improvement or testing idea we had in mind and every single project we fulfilled over the past 100 years was for you, field professionals who build a better world of tomorrow.
2023 is our special anniversary year and it calls for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and a reunion of working mates from all around Europe: RIDGID Europe Experience.

Location: RIDGID Headquarters, Elyria, Ohio, United States
Date: 6-9 November 2023

We thoroughly enjoyed celebrating our 100th anniversary together with an incredible crew of nine professionals: from France (Ludovic Barbotti @plumbergoodjob), Germany (Bruno Friedmann @nample & Uwe Murmann @rohrstar_rheinmain), Greece (Petros Vitos @vitosplumbing), Italy (Alessandro Ambrosio @ireneale05), Norway (Christina Lie @plumbr_christina), Poland (Damian Kwiatkowski @wukowarszawa), Romania (Ovidiu Țifui @tifui.ro) and last, but not least, the United Kingdom (Ross Charters @complete_preservation).
They may come from different countries and cultures, but they share the same passion for the trades and the love for the RIDGID Brand.

RIDGID Experience Europe included exclusive team-building activities that highlighted our commitment to the trades. Next to a factory tour, our guests spent time in the research test lab where they were the first to discover the innovations in the product development pipeline. Plus, they were thrilled to build their own iconic RIDGID customized pipe wrench. Hands-on RIDGID product demonstrations are always so much fun, so we made sure to spend enough time in the RIDGID School House with a focus on Pressing, Drain Cleaning, Underground Technologies and Pipe Fabrication.

As soon as all the guests found their favourite RIDGID tool, it was photo shooting time. We were excited to recreate the iconic RIDGID Experience group picture next to the RIDGID water tower. (image posted above)

Asking our guests if they enjoyed the event they replied:

“It’s Disneyland here. This is how much fun I have!” - Ludovic Barbotti, @plumbergoodjob, France

“When you have a dream, believe in it, persevere, work hard and be yourself. It will come true. My dream came true now, when I am 51 years old. Thank you, RIDGID Europe team for this amazing opportunity.” – Alessandro Ambrosio, @ireneale05, Italy

“I had an absolutely incredible time, filled with laughter and unforgettable moments! We not only had a blast but also connected with some truly remarkable individuals. This opportunity has become a cherished memory that I'll carry with me always, and the amazing people I met are now friends for life! 👍#teamridgid” – Ross Charters, @complete_preservation, United Kingdom

“I am glad that through my daily work and passion for RIDGID, I have become part of the #ridgidteam family :) I think that the RIDGID brand is the foundation on which a family of users from all over the world is built and that is great. Thank you all for a great event, meeting and experience 👍🔥❤️” – Damian Kwiatkowski, @wukowarszawa, Poland

“Thank you for this once-in-a-lifetime event, RIDGID team! My company turned 20 this year and I can only hope for a 100-year anniversary. Congratulations, you rock!” – Ovidiu Tifui, @tifui.ro, Romania

“Some people have a tattoo of Elvis Presley, others a tattoo of Michael Jackson. I have a tattoo of another legend, a RIDGID Wrench, and I am so proud of it.” - Bruno Friedmann, @nample, Germany

“Thanks for all the laughs and the opportunity to meet some of the coolest people ever. Memories forever. ❤️🔥” – Christina Lie, @plumbr_christina, Norway

"Being invited to RIDGID USA was an absolute highlight for all professionals in the sanitation and wastewater fields. Experts from all over Europe gathered to properly celebrate the company's 100th anniversary. This mega event created an atmosphere where strangers became friends. It was an unforgettable experience for all participants.” Uwe Murmann, @rohrstar_rheinmain, Germany

“I enjoyed every second of the event to the fullest. It was amazing meeting this crazy group of people and a great pleasure to spend these couple of days together. #dreamteam” – Petros Vitos, @vitosplubing, Greece