8 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To The RIDGID Newsletter

13 June, 2023

The Internet has revolutionised communication and it constantly changes our everyday life and interactions. Connecting with friends and family, but also staying up to date with news related to our favourite activities and brands is extraordinarily easy and can be now done with just a few clicks.

As a leading manufacturer of innovative tools for professional trades, we offer reliable solutions and durable equipment that help you get the job done in no time. We know time is money, that’s why our news and updates can be found a click away, in our monthly newsletter.


If you haven’t subscribed to receive it, here are 8 reasons why you should do it now. 

1. To stay up-to-date on industry news and trends

We are constantly researching to get news and trends from the plumbing and drain cleaning market. New technologies and the latest smart and connected solutions are some of the topics you can find in our newsletter.

2. To learn about our products and innovations

We drive innovation that makes the world healthier, safer, smarter and more sustainable. We are constantly launching new products, so all the content related to them will be shared in our monthly newsletter.

3. To discover our latest campaigns and exclusive offers

By becoming a subscriber, you will be the first to find out about our latest campaigns in Europe. Tool-testing campaigns, for example, can get you a free RIDGID tool, so don’t miss any of this news!

4. To improve your professional knowledge

Interested in learning more about the plumbing field? By subscribing to our newsletter, you will get access to technical reports and valuable tips and tricks for job site applications.

5. To take part in great giveaways and raffles

It’s not a secret anymore that we often organize giveaways and raffles for our newsletter subscribers. Subscribe now and you won’t miss any of this.

6. To discover amazing field stories

Interested to find out stories from the field? Or maybe to discover the amazing work experiences of fellows in trades? Subscribe to our newsletter and get ready to do some reading!

7. To discover details about future events 

International fairs, local open houses or roadshows – we communicate details related to this type of event in our newsletters. Keep an eye on us, the next event we attend may be just around the corner. 

8. To be part of the RIDGID community

Last, but not least, by being a subscriber of our newsletter you automatically become part of our amazing community of professionals in trades.