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RE 60-MLR Manual Hydraulic Crimping Tool

RE 60-MLR Manual Hydraulic Crimping Tool

The RE 60-MLR is designed to crimp large size cable lugs (up to 300 mm² Cu) while providing best-in-class comfort and ease-of-use thanks to its very compact, lightweight, and ergonomic design.

The RIDGID RE 60-MLR features the patent-pending RapidAdvance System™ which allows the user to engage the lug in just a single pump of the handle. This reduces the total amount of pumps needed for completing a crimp. The RE 60-MLR is also designed to make the pumping action as effortless as possible with its extremely low handle-force and ergonomic rubber handgrips.

The RE 60-MLR also features a very slim crimp head design that can be rotated 330º allowing easy access to cables even in the most confined panel spaces. The RE 60-MLR comes with a blow-molded plastic carrying case with space for 13 crimping dies. The case features unique RIDGID die slot marking decals for faster crimp die identification and retrieval.

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  • 60 KN Hydraulic force output and 18 mm stroke to easily accommodate lugs and connectors up to 300 mm2 (600 kcmil) Copper and and 240 mm2 (350 kcmil) Aluminium.
  • RIDGID® RapidAdvance System™ quickly engages the lug in just one pump to minimize unnecessary pumping.
  • Built-in Pressure Relief-valve signals when the maximum force is reached and crimping is complete.
  • 330° head rotation with small latching crimp head for maximum flexibility and easy access in tight spaces.
  • Quick Release Latching System allows for rapid die changes between different size connections.
  • Lightweight and compact size offers portability and ease of use for one operator.
  • Low handle force reduces hand strain and operator fatigue.
  • Rubber grips for superior comfort and control.
  • Ideal for use in remote locations where access to power is limited.
  • Best-in-class size (length) of 425 mm (16.75") and weight: 2,8 kg (6.2 lbs).
  • Die slot marking decals in the case for faster crimping die identification and retrieval.

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Description Weight
lb. kg
53118 Kit RE 60-MLR - without DIES  7,40  Buy Now
53123 Kit, RE 60-MLR - CU STD DIES (incl. 11 x dies, 16-300 mm2)
8,80  Buy Now
53128 Kit, RE 60-MLR - CU DIN DIES (incl. 11 x dies, 16-300 mm2)
8,80  Buy Now
53133 KIT, RE 60-MLR - AL DIN DIES (incl. 8 x dies, 16-240 mm2)
7,60  Buy Now
53283 CASE, RE 60-MLR  4,40  Buy Now
Round Crimping Dies for crimping DIN 46235 copper lugs and DIN 46267-1 connectors
Catalog Number Cross Section (mm²)
44173 Buy Now
44178 10  Buy Now
44183 16  Buy Now
44188 25  Buy Now
44193 35  Buy Now
44198 50  Buy Now
44203 70  Buy Now
44208 95  Buy Now
44213 120  Buy Now
44218 150  Buy Now
44223 185  Buy Now
44228 240  Buy Now
44233 300  Buy Now
Round Crimping Dies for crimping standard type copper tubular lugs and connectors
Catalog Number Cross Section (mm²)
47933 Buy Now
47938 10  Buy Now
47943 16  Buy Now
47948 25  Buy Now
47953 35  Buy Now
47958 50  Buy Now
47963 70  Buy Now
47968 95  Buy Now
47973 120  Buy Now
47978 150  Buy Now
47983 185  Buy Now
47988 240  Buy Now
47993 300  Buy Now
Round Crimping Dies for crimping DIN type alumium lugs and connectors
Catalog Number Cross Section (mm²)
44243 16-25  Buy Now
44248 35  Buy Now
44253 50  Buy Now
44258 70  Buy Now
44263 95-120  Buy Now
44268 150  Buy Now
44273 185  Buy Now
44278 240  Buy Now