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  • Deep cover design for strength and security.
  • Heavy-duty single cover support for easy closing.
  • Exclusive heavy-duty tubular steel frame, an industry first, provides structural rigidity and strength and “caps” the lid for more security.
  • Four-point crane lift system facilitates center point rigging to hoist more safely than with twopoint/ bar lift systems and provides 1,100 kg gross weight load capacity.
  • Integrated recessed lock is a drill-resistant, weather-resistant lock making it virtually impervious to drilling and pry-in. (RIDGID encourages the registration of product and key codes for replacement keys. Keys cannot be duplicated and will be sold only to the registered owner. Boxes can be keyed alike upon request.)
  • Heavy-duty hinges are extra durable and resist pry-ins.
  • Power Pass™ electrical pass-through grommet provides easy, weatherproof power cord access to allow battery charging when the box is closed.
  • Exclusive non-linear three-point latching system incorporates a recessed handle that operates the hook lock, while the other two latching points function as dead bolts.

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Model No. Length (mm) Depth (mm) Height 1 (mm) Height 2 (mm) Weight (kg) Capacity (m3)
30298 1010  1.680  762  910  1.502  130  0 - 88  Buy Now