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Celebration time with @nample

9 July, 2020

If you are in trades, but you haven’t heard of @nample yet, here’s an advice: go on Instagram and follow him immediately. He is not only an inspiring tools influencer but also a very hard-working person, always ready to offer support, tips, tricks and honest reviews about the tools he uses daily on the job site. His daily routine? Cut. Bend. Press. Fit. Repeat.

His name is Bruno Friedmann, but more than 100k people know him as @nample.

Let’s find out more about @nample! Curious about his cool tattoo? We’ll keep this in mind.

Happy reading!

Your activities as an influencer are extensive and far-reaching, but which profession do you actually practice?

To be precise, I am an HVAC service technician.


It’s celebration time, you managed to reach 100k Instagram followers not long ago. How did that feel?

Many thanks. Reaching 100,000 followers was something indescribable. In general, nothing changed from 99K to 100K, but of course, I am very proud of achieving this performance.


Every story has a beginning. How did you start working in trades or rather to this branch? And then, how and why did you start with the social media activity? Did you believe you will get this far when you started?

I graduated in 1989 in Electrical Engineering and I spent the first years of the 90s working in the industry. In 1993 I looked for another job, I got one at the Gross Energietechnik heating company in Muggensturm and today I am still working here. In the meanwhile, photography has always been part of my life, it has always been a dream job. In 2011-2012 I was looking for the possibility of saving on photos of my work and repairs. So, I ended up on Instagram and it evolved organically. I started using hashtags in 2014 and by the end of the year, I had the first 100 followers. Instagram was disregarded in Germany at that time, so I had to start posting in English.


How does a usual day of your life look like?

I can’t remember how a normal day looks like. Usually, I am out of technical service and I’m in charge of big private customers who are always looking for modernization. At the same time, I try to train colleagues and pass on my knowledge, because I am often on the go as a "knight in shining armour” when things are “burning”.

Are your Social Media activities contributing/ helping to your daily job? If so, how?

To me, social media is like reading books. It is very often the case when I see a tool and I instantly imagine how it could help me or how it could make my daily work easier and safer.


Are your Social Media activities influencing your personal life? Do people in tools stores know you as @nample? Are you and other social influencers friends?

Yes, absolutely. I met other Instagrammers at ISH 2015 and in 2016 I was invited to the UK for the first time. Even on my vacation in Dubai, after the first post, I was contacted and invited to a meeting. The social media family has grown every year, so in 2019 I visited ISH for four days to meet colleagues from all over the world. In February I went to the AHR show in Orlando, Florida, and I had an overwhelming feeling while I was approached and recognized by so many people.


Which are the 3 most important things anyone should know before starting an influencing account?

I think Instagram is like everyday life - "a give and get". If you are not active and not interacting with others, you won’t get noticed. To become an influencer, you need patience and your own style. Simply doing what thousands of other people do won’t bring you success.


Do you remember which was your first RIDGID tool? Do you still use it? What is your favourite RIDGID tool?

Of course, I remember. My first RIDGID tool was the RIDGID RapidGrip 10” Wrench. I ordered it in 2014, at a trade show in Nürnberg and got delivered very fast by a distributor. My current No. 1 from RIDGID is the E-110 Hex Wrench, an excellent tool.


We know for sure you have a RIDGID Straight Pipe Wrench always with you. How did you decide to get it tattooed on your arm?

That's right, it is always at hand/ on my hand. I wanted to do something new, out of the box, a bit insane I could say. None of my friends or even my family believed I would get a tattoo because I am rather reserved and not very adventurous. To me, the RIDGID pipe wrench primarily stands for the trades, daily work and timeless design.


Now, at the end of our short interview, please leave a message to all the people in trades out there. We are sure they will appreciate it.

I think that the most important thing now is to encourage young people to choose trades because they have a future. I also want to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all the people following me and, who knows, cheers to the next 100K.


We look forward to the future and the next milestone: 1 million followers!

We’re ready to pop the champagne!