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5 RIDGID Gifts For Christmas In July

8 July, 2022

Christmas is one of the most popular and beloved holidays in the entire world. It is more than just a holiday, it is a state of mind. Christmas means relaxing time, days off, presents and, more importantly, it means quality time with family and friends.

To some people, mid-January is already socially acceptable to start the countdown to Christmas. But why wait for 12 months, when you can celebrate Christmas in July as well? The cosiness of the fireplace gets replaced with a day at the pool, the yummy hot cocoa can easily transform into a frappuccino and the tree decorations can be hung in a palm tree as well.

We are more than ready for the big celebration and the gifts are already wrapped. Here are 5 ideas of RIDGID gifts that you could get for a plumber right in time for Christmas in July.

1. A RIDGID Pipe Wrench 

Every professional plumber needs a wrench in their toolbox, so a RIDGID Wrench is always more than welcomed. Either if you go for the classic Heavy Duty or the Aluminum Wrench, a Hex Wrench or a Chain Wrench, we guarantee you can’t go wrong with any of them.

2. RIDGID Tubing Cutters

At RIDGID you can choose from a wide range of tubing cutters, suitable for different materials and tube sizes. Whether you choose a C-Style Close Tubing Cutter, a 2-in-1 Close Quarters Cutter, a Quick-Acting Tubing Cutter or a Stainless Steel Tubing Cutter, there’s no such thing as “too many tubing cutters”.  

3. A PC116 Powered Tubing Cutter 

Because it’s highly transportable and easy to carry from one job to another, the RIDGID PC116 is also a good idea. It features a quick size adjustment mechanism and quick-feeding mechanism for spark-free, cold cutting on a wide range of materials. It truly is the go-to cutter for everyday use.

4. A RIDGID Press Tool 

If you want to raise the stakes, go for a RIDGID Press Tool. Choose between RP219, a 19kN compact tool with full access to the most confined spaces, or one of the two 32kN models: RP350, with pistol grip design, or RP351, with inline design. These two models feature a brushless motor and no service interval. How convenient!

5. A RIDGID Gear Goodie Bag 

If you are not 100% sure which RIDGID tool to get as a Christmas gift, why not choose a RIDGID Gear present? What about a RIDGID Nike Hoodie, some cool RIDGID work socks and a RIDGID Dopper drinking bottle in a RIDGID backpack? All these items are available on https://ridgidgear.eu/ and just one click away from you. How cool!


What’s the gift you would get for your fellow plumber?